A somber day for the Federation


Coming to you live from FNN, Evori Oasho comes bearing sad news tonight for the Federation.

Greetings to all our viewers tonight in the Federation. Unfortunately, I bring you somber news regarding the recent passing of Baron Ryurik Van D`Arc. Having spent the majority of his time and focus on building and expanding Falleen Medical Services, his health recently took a severe turn for the worse. Ryurik was many things to many people: a friend, mentor, and a leader. But most importantly, he was a good man. He genuinely cared about making life better for citizens of the Federation and he worked tirelessly to offer new and expanded services from FMC while leader. He will be remembered fondly by his many friends as someone who always brought a certain light to the room and as a model citizen representing the core values of the Federation.

Evori pauses for a moment letting her words sink in to those watching from afar.

Earlier this week in a private ceremony at the Royal Palace, Lord Regent Leonatos proclaimed an initiative by the Federation to honor their fallen comrade’s memory.

The screen fades showing a brief transcript of the Regent’s speech.

In memorium of Ryurik Van D`Arc one of the Federations MC-80a capital class cruisers will be renamed the FMS Van D`Arc to be used as a beacon of health and healing by his successors in FMC. The Federation’s shipwrights and designers are working on designing a special design for the hull so that when any Federation member looks to the sky or the space lanes and sees this ship they know Ryurik is watching over them and help is on the way to those that need it.

A touching tribute to a man whose career was based on helping those in need. We’ve already received several reports from our viewers that the newly christened FMS Van D`Arc has already been spotted in the Sedesia system in the past few days. Those of us here at FNN send our condolences to the Baron’s relatives and wish him a peaceful return to the desert sands. Good night and may Kiyorath watch over the Federation.