“A clever businessman never turns his ears away from the masses. It is the very whim of the common falleen that make or break those who would hope to rule the Sariln.”– Lorgah Brujah to his son, Korlorah, 28 BF

Along the dry desert plains of Eastern Carloda, simple hospices were erected by Lorgah Brujah in an attempt to create safe havens for those traveling the Sariln trading routes. Lorgah soon became considerably wealthy through the frequent visits of passing caravans, and was wise enough to put most of what he earned back into his work. What started as a few scattered outposts eventually became bustling, self-sufficient towns, and the descendents of Lorgah’s families carried on the businesses. Following in the tradition of Lorgah himself, the sons and daughters of Brujah are sent out into the world in order to learn how to survive through honest work and dedication. Most of these young Falleen find their way with other Brujah families, and so a cycle occurs where parents send out their children and then take in the young from other families. The children are taught since birth that they are to accept the movement form family to family, and it is almost taboo for a young adult to remain with their original family into adulthood. There has been only a handful of Brujah guilty of nepotism over the past millennia, and so the system has continued almost flawlessly, those already in power willing to accept Brujah and other Falleen willing to work into the fold. A Clan Brujah leader will often go out of his way to help inter-clan relations run smoothly, and most clan businesses work under respectable and decent conditions. Clan Brujah members often make expert peacekeepers, and are known to mediate between clans over conflicting issues.