Ichigo Military Academy

Welcome to Ichigo Military Academy, the Falleen Federation’s premier academic institution dedicated to teaching citizens everything they need to know to work and play in the galaxy. This the first step in your career with the Falleen Federation.

Transportation to the Academy (Falleen System, Doldur Sector) is obtained through the NPC Transport Services or will be arranged by the Academy and an Instructor will be assigned to you once you arrive at Ichigo.

Throughout your time in the Academy, which will vary from person to person, you will learn the basics of life in the Star Wars Combine, as well as life as a Federation Officer.  From your first day on at Ichigo you will command squads of Infantry, pilot vehicles within Falleen City, fly some of the premier ships in the Galaxy, all while learning the skills and mechanics of Star Wars Combine.

To enroll in Ichigo Military Academy simply join the Falleen Federation and follow the instructions in the message sent to you. If you have any questions please contact the Dean of Academy.

I wish you luck as you begin your service to the Falleen Federation.