“The written word is the mightiest tool, builder and destroyer, ever devised. To it we pledge our lives.”– Inscription on the cover of the bound volume containing pages from the first Feleos membership roles.

In ancient times there were soldiers and heroes, potentates and lords, servants and slaves, but one profession was the prerequisite for the existence of all the others: scribe. No one could rule without the written law. No one could hope for success in mass conflict without the written order. The Falleen society could not have risen without its written history and culture. Masters of the written word, languages, and dialects of the Falleen people were truly artists of the highest caliber who ensured the survival and might of the civilization.

Feleos, the ancient Falleen phrase literally meaning “the word,” was the title and mark of early Falleen scribes. They were the recorders of history, communicators and diplomats, and also fierce defenders of all that the Falleen race labored to create. As the written word spread among the peoples, a movement of the educated formed. Those of similar convictions banded together and formed a true Clan to continue the development and defense of all that is Falleen.

In the modern Federation, Clan Feleos thrives. Most still are cut from the same cloth as the members of the ancient eras long past. Our ranks are filled with communicators, diplomats, educators, and history keepers. We serve the Sovereign and contribute to the security of the People by strengthening ties with our allies, keeping our enemies at bay, and educating all citizens who wish to serve.

Feleos warriors see more than an inconsequential pillar of Falleen society in the written word. They serve a higher cause. Our soldiers protect Falleen heritage, sacred history, and the all powerful freedom to write and speak and think. “Feleos” must be protected or otherwise it shall be lost in the great sands of our desert jewel.