Charter of Confederation


The only good to come from the corruption and oppression brought by the force that was once upon us all is the unity of brotherhood that now binds us together stronger than ever before. We join together as brothers and sisters, accepting equally those Falleen lost among the stars and those others desirous of freedom and peace, in a firm league of friendship with each other for common defense, the security of our liberties, and our mutual and general welfare. The Falleen People of the Noble Clans and leaders of the native peoples of the Federation do now gather in this time of independence and agree to these various articles of confederation and a perpetual union. This charter of confederation acknowledges the original constitution of the Falleen Federation, established by the interim government in year 0 as a founding principle, prioritising Royal Rule, liberty and primacy of the Falleen Noble Clans.

Article I

Section 1

For the strongest and most convenient management of the general interests the Falleen People do hereby entrust their independence to Sovereign Royalty. All executive power, supreme authority in internal and external affairs, and ultimate responsibility shall be vested in the Sovereign.

The official powers now duly delegated to the Sovereign by the Falleen People shall be exercised with respect to the same inherent value of all species and to the best interests of this Federation.

Section 2

It shall only be right that one of Falleen blood and citizenship reign as Sovereign over the Clans and the People for the length of natural life or until voluntary abdication, unless the best interests of this Federation and the People are not protected.

The successor to the Crown is chosen by the Sovereign from a loyal Clan. This choice remains known only to the Sovereign, the Queen, and the chosen successor.

At the time of succession, this Chosen One will be presented to the Council of Lords for approval.

Members of this Council are Lords of the Federation designated previously as such by the Sovereign. The Chosen One may be revealed to the Clans and the People after receiving approval from a majority of those voting in the Council of Lords.

At the time of public presentation Clans must declare their allegiances. Clans swearing fealty secure their loyal status and all other benefits as the new Sovereign may decree. Those Clans who disavow the successor’s claim are placed among the rogues that have no voice in the Royal Courts until fidelity is sworn.

If no successor was chosen, the Council of Lords must meet and determine the next Sovereign in accordance with the provisions of this Charter. A void in Sovereign succession shall be filled by the Seneschal with responsibility and power limited to only that which is necessary for the safety and preservation of the Federation until a Sovereign is crowned.

Section 3

The Sovereign is Royal and therefore may create and confer noble rights, honors, and orders along with the various privileges granted to each station.

Royal titles, positions, and lineage may be granted by any Sovereign. No other may revoke what was established before, however the various privileges accompanying Royal titles, positions, and lineages may be revoked or modified.

Article II

Section 1

The People of the Federation are citizens and enjoy all the privileges granted by the Sovereign and certain rights afforded inherently to all beings without regard to species or race. Citizens are thus all those beings born of Falleen blood, or the blood of other Federation natives peoples, the Iktotchi, Clawdites, Talz, Geonosian, Aqualish, Qiraash, Sakiyaan,or any homeworld yet to join our Federation,  or pledging solitary loyalty and fealty to the Federation, its ideals, and its Sovereign and are willing to come to the common defense.

Section 2

Every citizen of the Federation has the right to freely choose religion.

Every citizen of the Federation has the right to benefit from the protection of the Federation.

Every citizen of the Federation has the right to defend the Falleen Federation and themselves.

Every citizen of the Federation has the right to a fair trial should charges be brought against them.

Article III

Section 1

The Sovereign shall have a government directed through the use of Ministries to assist in the duties of governing the territories and the People. The structure of the system shall be designed by the Sovereign as is convenient and necessary. The duties, scope of authority, and privileges of each Ministry shall be defined by the Sovereign.

Section 2

The leader of any one Ministry shall be a Lord appointed by the Sovereign. 

Section 3

The Council of Lords is called to order whenever and wherever all Lords meet as a college to confer with one another. The primary responsibility of the Council of Lords is to advise the Sovereign on all matters of concern to the Federation. The Chair of the Council of Lords is the Chancellor – appointed by the Sovereign. The Chancellor may also hold additional ministerial responsibilities.

Section 4

Ministries are divided into functional units where daily duties are carried out. These Departments are delegated the duties of that particular Ministry by the Lord. In most circumstances, a Deputy is appointed by the Lord with Sovereign approval to oversee operations in a Department.

Section 5

All Ministries are expected to work closely with one another to achieve objectives because one Ministry’s objective is not only their own but rather one for the entire Federation. Each Minister must keep the Sovereign or designee abreast of all decisions and developments.

Section 6

The Sejm remains the voice of the Clans and Homeworlds within the Federation. The Sovereign retains executive authority, and may empower or consult with the Sejm as the Sovereign chooses.

Section 7

The Federation Government House (also called the Halls of Counsel) shall serve as the lower house of the Sejm. Each inhabited planet of the Federation shall provide one representative. These representatives may organise themselves into parties/sectors/systems as they desire. The Halls of Counsel like the Sejm serves as an advisory body for the King, and may be empowered or consulted as the Sejm chooses. Government house shall be the site where the oath to the Federation for public service is made, by individuals who choose to serve in government.

Article IV

Section 1

The Sovereign has supreme judicial authority and universal jurisdiction within the territory of the Federation and in all matters concerning Federation members and citizens. Laws and a system of justice must be developed under the Sovereign’s direction to ensure safety within Falleen territory and fairness for those accused of criminal actions.

Section 2

Judicial power is vested in the Council of Lords and all those inferior courts as may be established, for the purpose of ensuring a fair trial when requested.

Article V

Section 1

This Charter shall be the Supreme Law on all planets, territories, and possessions of the Federation. All previous internal Constitutions, Charters, and Acts are hereby voided at the Sovereign’s decree.

Article VI

Section 1

This Charter may never be dissolved by any person, entity, or institution. Amendments may be proposed by any Member of the Federation. An Amendment shall be carried when ratified by a majority of the Ministers in the Council of Lords and agreed upon by the Sovereign.

Section 2

It is the duty of the Sovereign, Chancellor, and the members of the Council to ensure that the basic underlying principles of this Charter are never changed or mislaid. Upon taking office all members of the Federation must also swear to that extent.

Agreed to by His Excellency, Bisz Aldaris, King of the Falleen People, on Year 5 Day 350. Ratified by His Ministers, Prime Minister Lord Max Fors, O.L., Minister Sir Tigris Ninx, K.R., and Minister Dash Raltar on Year 5 Day 350. In force on Year 5 Day 350.

Amendment I

The Sovereign may, with the consent of the Chamber of Ministers, enthrone a Seneschal of the Crown who shall take precedence over all other persons in the Federation and who shall enjoy, exercise and perform the Sovereign rights and powers in conformance with the Sovereign’s will and with respect to the same inherent value of all species and to the best interests of this Federation.

The Seneschal may never agree to an Amendment of the Charter on behalf of the Sovereign. Should there be a void in Sovereign succession while the Seneschal of the Crown is enthroned, the Seneschal shall act with responsibility and power limited to only that which is necessary for the safety and preservation of the Federation until a Sovereign is crowned.

Amendment II

Revised and updated on Day 8 of the 21st Galactic Year by Chancellor Xanust Sizhran and agreed to by His Majesty, King Jado Dur`rik, Queen Kimberly Tylger and the Sejm Council.