“Heretics have begun to muster strength within the Clans. Give us your guilty, so that they may be judged properly in the eyes of Kiyorath Dhin.”– Terqu’ran Rhe Chir’dorna, religious announcement given to all clans 4 BF.


Every year as Kiyorath Dhin sweeps methodically across the Falleen desert to deal justice to those who have sinned, the Children of Chir’dorna make a pilgrimage to watch their God’s holy wrath. The current clansmen of Cithorah trace their heritage to that of Cithorah Chir’dorna, the prophet of Falleen Prime, who appeared from the clouds of dust that speck the horizon and United the tribes under his name. Establishing his Commandments as the basis to life, he held freedom to be the true birthright of all Falleen and lead the rebellion on Prime that would eventually lead to the birth of the Federation. Mysteriously disappearing into the wind-swept plains of Carloda, his loss was mourned but the Children still wait expectantly for his return when the Falleen race will need him the most. Despising tyranny, the Chir’dorna have been the largest advocators for a holy Jihad against the Empire, for the crimes it has committed and are continuing to commit throughout the galaxy. While not declaring war against the strongest faction in the universe, clansmen are often found working within the confines of the Temple of Kiyorath Dhin or reminding those Falleen they work with that there is only the One True God. Chir’dornan’s have garnered the reputation for never compromising on their principles, and use the common religion of Kiyorath Dhin to good political use.