Yhu’ra – The Wanderers, the Lost, the Unguided. Before the Plight, some Falleen fell to the temptation of ‘exploration’ and ‘adventure’, leaving Falleen Prime in order to travel the cosmos. Others have been taken forcefully, becoming enslaved to one of the many pirate groups present in the galaxy. In some extreme cases, Falleen members have actually been cast out from their clan and forced to survive on their own with little social support. Either way, these Falleen have long since forgotten their third name, their Clan Name, and are looked upon with mixed feelings by the Prime Clans, curious as to how to react to such difference. Some clans will easily take in Yhu’ra as their own, while others may feel disdain or even content, especially if they were the ones that originally rejected them. Yhu’ra usually do not participate in Falleen politics until they have joined a clan, but have been known to create their own small business’s in order to survive.

Karghr – An extremely taboo word, it is often used as an insult or to scare disobedient Falleen children. Those clan members who have committed acts of atrocity or worse can be officially labeled with this by their clan leader, and are automatically expelled from both their clan and their family. Other then clan leaders, this is the only part of Clan culture that is officially recognized by the government, and being named Karghr is legitimate reason for being jailed and tried. The word Karghr itself was almost impossible to say in public in years past, but nowadays it has become much more apart of slang and gutter speech.

Mixed Blood – Mixed clan blood is very common, and typically the child’s clan follows that of the fathers. All clans support marriage with outside groups, although in the case of the Huruk-Rah this may unfortunately lead to some form of innate prejudices surfacing.

Marrying and breeding with other races is thought of as peculiar by most Falleen, while some find it outright blasmephy and will go to any length to harass those not of pure strain. The Falleen Federations government, however, has no prejudice against different blood strains remaining in office.

The Primal Law – Any member of a Clan may challenge their clan leader for control of the clan. This law dates back to the years following The Plight, when it was every Falleen for him or herself, and it was necessary for the strongest to rule. The actual form of competition has changed over time and differs from clan to clan, from downright savagery to a more of a refined game sometimes being used, but it always results in either a new leader or a reaffirmation of the old one. In times of crisis or expansion, the Primal Law has often been totally ignored, and currently is only used once a tribes leaders trust or rulings have been doubted or seen as unjust. A clan leader need not always comply to a challenge, especially if most of his or her clan supports him/her, but if the hopeful successor finds enough backing, then the clan leader will feel little choice but to engage this would be leader. Some rival Clan leaders have been known to back would be uspurer’s in order to gain favor with the new leader if they make it into power. This Law is not to be used lightly, and most new members should keep away from its temptation unless they feel justified by using it.

Hyarla – The time of initiation comes for all Falleen, and before a youth is recognized as being Hyarla they must have proven themselves a useful member of Falleen society or to a particular clan. Ancient rites of passage have focused mainly on tasks of strength or skill, but the modernization of our culture has allowed for the differentiation of each specific duty a member must have performed before become recognised fully.