:: OVERVIEW :: Falleen Resource Contracts (FRC) primarily operates within the Falleen Federation’s borders and specializes in a wide range of mining, recycling, and production services such as facility tear downs on either an individual facility or full city basis and the removal of any unwanted wrecks such as ships, droids or speeders plus the mining of raw materials for the greater Federation and all its citizens and the production of the Ugly-class fighters used by many types of groups throughout the galaxy at large. Whether it’s tearing down old tax planets for planetary rebuilding or destroying unused space stations no job is too big for FRC.

:: RECRUITMENT :: The Falleen Federation is dedicated to the principles of Liberty, Equality and Justice. As such the Federation is accepting of other species, and has members of many races other than Falleen, who are accepted as equals, and treated as equals. The Federation has high standardized pay scale for its officers, but all pay is based on merit and the work performed. This means that people who do not work, do not get paid, and people who do a lot of work, get paid very well.

:: HISTORY :: Falleen Resource Contracts is a subsidiary nationalized faction of the Falleen Federation. Created in Year 20 by Xanust Sizhran, Falleen Resource Contracts was created due to the continued protests from the citizens of Falleen regarding new housing. With overrun overpopulated areas needing new homes to live in immediately, the creation of this faction was unanimously voted on by the Royal Council. Falleen Resource Contracts has been integrated into the Falleen Federation in Year 25 and now operates directly under its name.

:: SALES :: Client requests from outside the Falleen Federation will not be accepted at this time.