“The Federation must learn to drop the shackles of religion and tradition in order accept the New Age of Technology. If we, as a race, cannot appreciate what the universe has to offer, we will assuredly die out.”– Someratai Ghera’jh, clan spokesman for the 1st Annual Technology Conference, before his assassination.

An elitist party of proletariat scientists, this group could only barely be called a clan. Founded by the Princeps five years after the creation of the Federation, membership is only loosely based around genes and is actually more concerned with merit. The Ghera’jh have been known as excellent advisors in all areas concerning technology, and some clan families and Federation government groups hire them even if they don’t have any particular reason too, mainly to show the rest of the organization that they too have a Ghera’jh working for them. Sometimes dabbling in the realm of politics for their own interests and gains, they usually don’t go far due to the disability to look beyond Falleen research and technology. Based in the major city of Ankhialos, they represent the new wave of both young and old Falleen who have abandoned their traditional clans to form this own branch of life, one both exciting and steeped in its own rules. With internal squabbling occurring on a daily basis, especially when it comes to what areas of knowledge have research priority, it is only their expertise in the advanced sciences that has made them tolerable to most other clans. Often so involved in their work, they can become unaware of things happening outside their realm of reality, and as such many of them suffer from proper leadership skills. New members are accepted in only if a majority of the members agree. Leadership is vote based with the majority vote used to decide who will be the next president, as it seems that most Ghera’jh have simply forgotten that the Primal Law ever existed. But regardless of who is in power, each member first priority is usually to concentrate on their project at hand and make sure that R&D is a relevant part of Falleen life.