Nathran – Originally fought for to the death (sometimes the case even now), the clan leadership represents the pinnacle of Falleen social power. The Clan leader has special privileges, access to restricted facilities and a whole host of respectful clansmen under his or her direction. The Clan Leader must be the guiding light for the clan, looking after internal problems and solving social ills, and he should make it his duty to represent his clan’s view to the Falleen Government. There is no restriction on how long someone may remain in power, and it is up to the Clan Leader in question as to when they should retire from power.

Tizmarat – Sometimes a Clan leader will require the blessings of his religious leader before being able to perform an action, or will need his or her knowledge on how to best perform an action without insulting Kiyorath Dhin. The Tizmarat need not be a member of Clan Chir’dorna, but merely a believer-member of the clan, knowledgeable of the religions workings. Some clans have decided to completely do away with this position, often at the expense of relations with other clans. Chir’dorna Tizmarats often make up the high priesthood of Falleen Prime, belittling the Ta’Shir position within that clan.

Ta’Shir – Even the wisest of Clan leaders needs guidance at times, and these counselors help him make important decisions when necessary. Noted for their fairness and initiative, they are selected by the Clan leader to form his inner circle. Clan leaders should also beware that it is from within their own Ta’Shir that significant vocal opposition may arise, and possible competition for power.

Yar’borouh – After years of service and dedication, any clansmen may be bestowed with Eldership, marking them as a knowledgeable and integral member of a clan. This is a title that is highly respected within Falleen culture, and only the Clan leader can give this distinction to others.

Hertheka – Clan Warriors especially chosen for their undying dedication, strength and skill. When the Clan leader is in need of their services for protection or duties, they will obey immediately, willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary for the clan. The Falleen Government, watchful for misuse of these warriors, has warned these clan soldiers to be able to distinguish between orders that help the clan, and those that may hinder the Falleen race as a whole.