The Religion Of Kiyorath Dhin – Documented by Lord Tholin


The Empire had a biological laboratory on Falleen Prime. The Empire conducted research into Biological weapons under the Direction of Darth Vader. Historical documents vary on the cause of the Plight (Some say it was an accident, others that the Empire actually tested the weapons on Falleen) but one thing is certain, Diseases escaped the Laboratory, and destroyed Three quarters of the Falleen population. Following the Great Plight a resistance emerged to continued Imperial occupation, and under the Leadership of Tholin Dur’aak the Empire left Falleen Prime. This resistance has evolved into the Falleen Federation.

The Falleen people are desert folk. nomadic by nature and traditionally grouped themselves in tribes. With the advancement of Falleen society these tribes have not been relegated to history but have in fact, become the Modern Clans of Falleen.

The Worship of Kiyorath Dhin has been Declared the official religion of the Falleen Federation.

The Falleen have always been religious. Traditionally each tribe worshiped a number of gods choosing one as its patron. But chief amongst these gods was Kiyorath Dhin. Kiyorath Dhin the God of the Desert. It is said the Kiyorath Dhin come to Falleen every year in the shape of a Desert storm, to clense the planet. Kiyorath is the god of justice and survival. Amongst the Ancient Gods Kiyorath was the judge. It is said Kiyorath’s wisdom is as vast as the Desert of Falleen Prime. The Desert was the livelyhood of the Falleen Tribes, it would break them or make them, the original tribes were at the mercy of nature. Yet, the Desert has always been alive, not noticeable but life did survive in the desert against adverse conditions, this was attributed to Kiyorath, making the god, god of survival. Following the great plight, much of Falleen Culture was lost yet, the following of Kiyorath the Survivior never died. The Falleen people lived on, the religion lived on. All the original tribes worshiped the Desert God, but under different names, but with the great plight and the foundation for the Clans, a prophet was to emerge.

Cithorah Chir’dorna, not much is known about the prophet, some think he was the incarnate god. Cithorah affected Falleen Society as was never done before. He United the tribes, making them one people, but allowed them to keep their traditions in the form of the Clans. He brought hope where there was none, and founded the resistance that would become the Falleen Federation.
“Freedom, and the survival of the species is our birth right. Over the millenia we have survived, as a Free people, the time has come for us to claim our heritage.”                        – Cithorah Chir’Dorna

Citorah the Prophet of Dhin Disappeared just as mysteriously as he had arrived, when the Falleen Needed him most. It is said he will return when he is needed again.