Karghr – An extremely taboo word, it is often used as an insult or to scare disobedient Falleen children. Those clan members who have committed acts of atrocity or worse can be officially labeled with this by their clan leader, and are automatically expelled from both their clan and their family. Other then clan leaders, this is the only part of Clan culture that is officially recognized by the government, and being named Karghr is legitimate reason for being jailed and tried. The word Karghr itself was almost impossible to say in public in years past, but nowadays it has become much more apart of slang and gutter speech.

These Clans have lost their status within the Federation due to acts against the Falleen Government and the Falleen Clans that have chosen to align with the Federation and the new King, Rick Farlander. A vote was brought before the Sejm concerning the charges against them.  After much discussion and debate, it was decided in a unanimous decision to declare these clans as Outlaws and Karghr clans.  On Year 13, day 336  King Rick Farlander declared the vote passed and accepted into Falleen law.