Revised in the galactic year 15 by the Royal Court

The makings of a great civilization rest on the shoulders of not one, but many Great Individuals who, together, embodies the best qualities that civilization as to offer. Our King, one of those Greats, is not alone in the arduous and perilous job of cultivating the Falleen people and culture; with him, others share the burden of leadership and gift their body and soul to the improvement of the Federation. Those Great Men represent the dignity and pride of the ancient Falleen culture, and their achievements are represented by the Legion of Honor. The Legion of Honor is the highest non-ministry honor a member of the federation can achieve.

The King personally bestows the Legion on deserving Federation citizens who through their actions have contributed to their society in incalculable ways. The recipient must swear an oath during the presentation of the order. The words must be spoken out loud and witnessed by four other citizens.

The recipients of the Legion of Honor are distinguished by wearing a broad sash going from the right shoulder down to the left hip as well as having a gold Legion emblem, in the shape of the Rukhar, displayed on their left breast. The recipients of the Legion of Honor have the privilege of being addressed as ‘my Lord/Lady’ and either having ‘Lord/Lady’ added before their last name.

Traditionally, the Legion of Honor is awarded only to top ranking Federation officials or close advisors to the King, although His Majesty is free to award it at his will.

“I [full name] so solemnly swear total allegiance to the King of Falleen and the Falleen people. I take upon myself the responsibility of safeguarding the Falleen Crown against all those who would strike it down. I will never cease to support the King while he is alive, and will exult his name after death. I take upon myself the responsibility of preserving the Confederation of Falleen Noble Clans in the face of all adversity that it may face. I will never stop upholding the values of the Federation so long as it endures, and will never cease to reignite them should they ever fail. This I swear to do with all my will, my blood, my very life. So help me, Kiyorath Dhin.”

Current Recipients

  • Gorag Kron
  • Darlus Kartan
  • Tyriss Haxim