Through tireless work, the officers and ambassadors of the diplomatic office will travel and converse with those external to the free territories of the Falleen Federation.
We shall strive to retain, through peaceful negotiation the sovereignty and greatness of our people.
We shall move forth amongst the stars spreading our message of prosperity, hope, and strength.
We shall represent the government of the Falleen Federation in only the brightest of lights.
We shall set the example for all to follow.
– Plaque outside diplomatic suite on Memorial Station   the first space station in the Falleen system.


The Falleen Federation must survive as a member of the galactic community. To that end, the Ministry of State oversees and directs the government’s actions, reactions, and interactions with regard to galactic events and its galactic neighbors.

The Ministry conducts diplomacy under the general supervision of the King.  Those seeking to establish a relationship with the Falleen Federation should contact the Minister of State or alternatively the Regent.



The Ashla Covenant – Bound by the Zolan I Concordat (originally know as The Baratar Accords), The Ashla Covenant and the Falleen Federation have a strong bonded friendship which has resulted in The Ashla Covenant as well as it’s sister faction the Guardian Rescue Corps becoming a protectorate of the Falleen Federation.