“My name is Kareen Hols’thar, Herethka of Clan Kthran, son of Halthire, and this is the early history of the Falleen and their Federation …”

Since as early as I can remember my family has been in the service of House Dur’aak of the Royal Clan, Huruk-Rah. I serve the Prince of that line, as my father before me did, and his before him. Bodyguard, servant, advisor, we are all of these. My Prince and I have seen and done much, often our deeds are unknown and others passed through as gossip. At the recommendation of my Nathran, and for the sake of all Falleen I register here in this tome, the life and times of the father of the Modern Federation, He who has been called many things, a Hero, a Traitor, a Great Leader, and a tyrant. With this document I would dispel the rumours and bring forth the truth. Also, how long does culture kings take to ship? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. This is the history of the Federation, and the Biography of my Master, Prince Tholin Dur’aak, Ta’Shir of the Huruk-Rah.


I was 35 years of age when he was born. At this time little could separate him from any other Falleen child. His Father was Jor’lith Dur’aak a Prince of Falleen and heir to one of the four Royal Lines within the Huruk-Rah. The Empire had been on Falleen 3 years. Our world was under the control of a minor imperial official, serving mainly as a research outpost for new imperial weapons. Then clans were scattered, we Falleen were a conqured people. Jor’lith and his cousin Davyyk Lysander ran a small resistance movement.

Prince Xizor of the second royal line had left Falleen to establish and organization that would provide support for the liberation of his homeworld. With him went a number of young Falleen, among them Kevaan, Qel Dar, Kosh Naranek and a Falleen who called himself Blood all also of the second line.

His childhood in the traditional Huruk-Rah Capital of Jhoust was a turbulent one. Resistance operations were often planned from his fathers home, Falleen of all clans came and went. He grew up listening to talk of Falleen culture, freedom, and equality. His father had a human educate him in the ways of the galaxy, unusual for the insular Falleen society.

During his youth he befriended Jace Meridan, son of the heir to the fourth line who was a close ally of his fathers. Jace and Tholin, and Tholin’s younger brother Zoro would listen to their fathers plotting and hope for the day they would be included in the discussions.

The resistance efforts, were constantly hampered by skirmishes with rival clans, a throwback to the Clan wars, prior to the imperial invasion.

At his coming of Age, Jor’lith placed Tholin in charge of a special program. With an abundance of imperial bio-research laboratories on Falleen Jor’lith had commissioned a bio-fusion project. A small faction within the Huruk-Rah had begun to believe that we Falleen were not the superior race we believed. These Humans, with their unbound aggression and passion had conquered us. They had qualities the faction desired to harness. And so, Project Omega Charlie was conceived.

Prince Jor’lith had a rival claim to his title as heir of the first line. This came from …. Fe’ll. A Huruk-Rah Herethka, or warrior. It was rumoured that a 5th Royal line existed within the Clan, one that was created when one of the First line had a liaison with one of the Herethka lines, The Warrior Caste of the Clan. The Herethka were of minor Royal lineage, and existed to protect their more important brothers of the major royal lines. This liaison thus produced a fifth claimant to the Kingship of Falleen, one who did not bear the title of Prince.

Given these times of conflict, Jor’lith had my father dispose of … Fe’ll. My father, servant to Jor’lith, a Warrior of the Kthran could not bring himself to undertake the political desires of the Huruk-Rah, who would kill their own mothers to ensure their place in one of the Royal Lines, or to gain a place amongst them. Instead of killing him, Fe’ll was marooned on the world of, … away from Falleen society. Should he have returned my father would have lost his life.

Fe’ll though left behind a son. Young Tembre Fe’ll was proving himself as one of the more physically gifted youth of his generation, with a keen mind. He had the blood of the Huruk-Rah in his veins, and more importantly the blood of a Royal Line. A Royal line that’s very existence was denied. He was the ideal candidate for Project Omega Charlie.

Project Omega Charlie designed by Jor’lith, overseen by Tholin, would splice human genes into Falleen DNA. The goal would be a new Warrior caste, loyal to the Huruk-Rah, with the tenacity and aggression only a human could possess. My master was young, and eager to prove his ability to his father, and the rest of the clan. He pursued this project with relentless vigor, reserved for those of Clan Bru’jah in pursuit of a good deal. I am saddened to say many Falleen and humans died in the development of this ideal warrior. Eventually my master received notification from the researchers that they had what they believed to be a stable formula for the conversion of a Falleen into a proto-warrior. Tholin authorized the first proto-type. And so Tembre was altered.

Tembre Fe’ll at first, it would seem resisted the alteration. But it was completed, though the researchers had difficulty controlling the prototype. After considerable testing Jor’lith commissioned a battalion of Proto-warriors. Clones of Tembre. The clones were not to eventuate, as Imperial Security agents caught wind of the project. The laboratories were destroyed only some records were saved. Tembre was brought into the ranks of the Huruk-Rah Herethka. The involvement of the Huruk-Rah in the project was suspected by imperial authorities, but not acted upon. Prince Jor’lith regularly visited the imperial administrator, turning in minor resistance groups, thus keeping the administrator on side. Thus is the Falleen way.


No one knows for certain who ordered it. No one knows exactly what it was. An Imperial Vessel whilst in orbit fired upon the surface of Falleen. The weapon was like none we had seen, and quite possibly developed on Falleen itself. Biological in nature millions died in the effects. Millions more died in the after effects. The population of Falleen was decimated.

Counted among the dead were my parents, and my masters parents and many of the ranking members of the Huruk-Rah.

Davyyk Lysander took control of the Huruk-Rah resistance. But something had changed. Nathrans were beginning to gather at my Masters home. They were seeking leadership. Dante Nathran of the Mindano, Halis Des’pa of the Bru’jah, Cypher of the Eu’maois had come with a plea. Unite the resistance. It is now that my master turned to me. I bid him seek out the remaining Nathran.

Over the next decade we traveled the surface of the Falleen. We spent a number of years amongst the Chir’dorna. My Master listended to their teachings, those of the prophet Chir’dorna, and became a devotee of Kiyorath Dhin. An apt decision given these turbulent times, he swore to worship the Goddess of the desert, the goddess of survival who he believed had granted his life.

Into the deserts of Carloda we traveled. We wandered searching for the nomadic Nathran of the Kthran. A Man I had never met before. After what seemed like months of searching they found us. Their desert speeders surrounded us. We were captured, prisoners of the Desert lord. A days travel and we were brought before him in his sand palace, for that is what it appeared to unknowing eye. My Master stood before this lord, looking at him as one looks at an equal. I greeted him as one greets their Nathran in the Kthran, showing my clan tattoo and re-affirming my Oath to the clan.

I distinctly remember a tense silence. My Master bowed and introduced himself. The Desert Lord was unreadable. I was certain he would be killed. But the Nathran simply returned the introduction. Pixelor Xess Nathran Kthran. The Desert lord had heard of the Great plight of our people. When my master pleaded for the assistance of the Kthran, he simply smiled and invited my master to join him for a meal.

I was not privy to this meeting, but when my master emerged the next day, he was accompanied my the Desert lord and a retinue of Herethka. We were to journey to Ankhialos where the first meeting of the Clans of Falleen in the Modern era would occur.


The Battle of Falleen

The Nathrans met in the Gardens of Ankhialos. Dante of the Mindano, Cypher of the Eu’Maois, Halis Des’pa of the Bru’jah, Pixelor Xess of the Kthran, Deroius of the Chirdorna, and Eriostin of the Ger’ejah. A Collection of Huruk-Rah nobles were present, the delegation led by Davyyk Lysander. Since the Death of Jor’lith no new Nathran had come forward.

Before these Lords of Falleen my master spoke. They call it the speech of Federation. He roused the Nathran of the Clans. It was time the Falleen people threw out these oppressive humans, its was time for we Falleen to take our rightful place in charge of our own destinies. No longer should we fight amongst each other for dominance. We should unit form a global resistance. And so the Clans were federated into the Falleen Resistance. Each Nathran pledging Herethka to the cause. Each clan put forward their generals and pledged them to the service of the Falleen people as a whole.

No Leader for this resistance had been selected. The talks were stalled, and drawn out over weeks. Until eventually Pixelor Xess stepped forward. The Kthran were to provide the Resistance with unrestricted access to the desert, and with some of the most experienced Herethka in the Federation.of clans. The Desert Lord made a statement that was not welcomed by some senior members of the Huruk-Rah. The Kthran would withdraw from the Federation of Clans, the global resistance, if the man who had united the clans did not lead it. And so my Master would lead the Falleen resistance.

Raids on imperial Garrisons grew in intensity. The battles became larger, soon the resistence was making progress. Units of Herethka would appear seemingly out of nowhere and ambush Imperial patrols, and disappear into the desserts of Carloda. Networks were established within every major Falleen City. Each clan played to their strengths. The Mindano would raid imperial shipping in the Falleen system, supplying the resistance with equipment. What the Mindano could not find was smuggled in, or traded for by the Bru’jah who established comprehensive support networks.

During this period Tholin enjoyed many liasions with Falleen women. His reputation made him a most desirable partner for many. Unknown to him, it is during this time he Fathered Kalina Uleri and Xijian Xeon, both who took on the names of their mothers.

News reached Falleen that Prince Xizor had been killed. His aide, a human female known as Gabriella Storm took control of the organization. From within the huge galactic organization members of the Huruk-Rah did what they did best. They began to influence the politics of the galaxy.

News of the Falleen resistance was starting to spread. Soon an agent of the Rebel Alliance was to contact my master. Alliance forces were starting to be smuggled on to Falleen.. Many Falleen resisted the arrival of these new forces. It was unheard of for a Falleen to fight along side a human, Mon Calamari, or Gand. And yet, my master decreed it must be so.

It almost seemed a matter of course, when my master was nominated and became Nathran of the Huruk-Rah. Over the years of resistance he had proven himself, and young Falleen boys of all clans fought over the right to play as him in their games of Imperials and resistors.

The Empire did not side idly by. The Administrator had the planet reinforced by an Imperial Fleet. And so a young human called Gorn Veynom came to Falleen, as a Commodore of the Imperial Navy.

The Rebel Alliance saw an opportunity. The Fleet that the Emperor had sent to Falleen was not of great strength. After all, the planets population had been decimated not more then thirty years earlier. Over the period of two months Rebel Alliance vessels began mustering just outside the Falleen system in the shadow of Kynos.

My Master Prince Tholin chose this moment to strike. His target was to be the orbital Naval facility. All the Herethka of every clan mustered. Men not trained in weapons were issued blasters. This would be the day the Falleen took back their world.

The Battle for Falleen began quietly. Tembre Fe’ll led a small party into a Tavern its name I remember not. The officers of a Nebulon B frigate were enjoying their shore leave, enjoying the company of the Stratusettes, the now famous Falleen Female Dancers, Agents of a prominent Bru’jah Stratus Kixen. The Stratusettes drugged the Imperial Officers. Tembre and his men killed their storm trooper guards, and killed the Imperial officers. Access codes, cards, uniforms had been captured.

Simultaneously Lord Zoro Dur’aak, my masters brother lead a more overt attack on the Ankhialos space port. The Storm trooper Garrison here was easily over run.

Garrisons all over Falleen were quickly over run in daring raids by combined Herethka and rebel Alliance forces. At this moment, Tholin broadcast to the planet, that Falleen was liberated from Imperial Control, the United Clans of Falleen had federated together, and the Falleen Federation was born.

And so the battle of Falleen was truly joined. Commodore Veynom ordered a planetary bombardment from his Imperial Star Destroyer. The Motley assortment of Mindano Vessels together with Rebel fighter squadrons engaged the Imperial Navy above. AT-ATs and AT-PTs were landed on the surface; legions of storm troops were deployed. Battle raged on Falleen. Street to street engagements began Falleen women and children refusing to give up their homes.

From the Palace in Jhoust, The battle was commanded. As a result the palace itself, the throne of the Huruk-Rah was targeted. I remember the explosion clearly. One moment we were in the command hub, the next the palace was collapsing around us. We dragged ourselves out from under the rubble; many of the Palace staff had not survived. Out of nowhere a YT-1300 appeared. Rall Meakin and his companion Cloud, had arrived to rescue the men and women of the Command Centre.

As all this was occurring we were later to discover that Grand Admiral Dante, the first commander of the Federation Navy, and Nathran of the Mindano had been killed high above the Falleen surface.

Falleen Forces were demoralized. We were starting to loose battles. The tide had begun to turn once more. At this moment, the Hero’s of the Battle of Falleen emerged: An Alliance Bomber Squadron Commander called Ashe Rebel, a future governor of Republica and an Alliance Fighter Squadron Commander called Dr Fro Solahah. Throwing caution to the wind, the two squadrons working together engaged imperial vessel after imperial vessel, diverting the imperial vessels bombarding the surface. Ship after ship fell under their god protected onslaught. Kiyorath had chosen these men as the tool of our survival.

With the Imperial Navies attention diverted, Lord Zoro Dur’aak finished the operation started by Tembre Fe’ll. The Nebulon B waited for her new crew patiently from the orbital docks. And so the Frigate was captured. The Large Capital ship broke the resolve of the Imperial Navy, her inexperienced crew making up for their lack of knowledge with sheer determination. Commodore Veynom ordered a withdrawal. Without Orbital support, the Imperial Army was quickly overwhelmed. No prisoners were taken.



Many, many things occurred during the period historians call the Interim years. I indeed have trouble remembering the order, and may in fact omit many occurrences. But I will do my best to recount these years as accurately as possible.

The Interim years, called thus, because of the Interim Government of the Federation. At the conclusion of the Battle of Falleen, Prince Tholin formed a government around him, with the task of rebuilding the Federation, and protecting Falleen Culture.

The Government was structured around a High Council, comprising all those holding office important to the welfare of the Federation. My Master was the first Lord Chairman of the Interim Government of the Federation. His Brother would be Supreme Commander of the newly formed Federation Armed Forces. A Mindano called Parret would occupy the position of Grand Admiral of the Federation Navy. Lord Cypher of Clan Eu’maios was the High Ambassador of the Federation. And Stratus Kixen would be the first Minister of Justice of the Federation.

A number of Falleen left the Federation feeling honor bound to fulfill the debt of their people to the Rebel Alliance. Most prominent amongst them from the Huruk-Rah went Davyyk Lysander and a relatively unheard of Falleen called Cyrus, who would later, for a brief moment command the Rebel Alliance, and a young Mindano by the name of Bisz Aldaris a name I am sure you are familiar with.

And so the Federation began to take its place in the Galaxy. Allied to the Rebel Alliance, protected by it, the Federation began to reach out to find friends.

My Master began hosting foreign dignitaries, in particular, King Andrew Starfire of the Hapes Consortium, and Dunkler Klerus of the New Anzati Order. The Three of them plotted together the formation of an alliance between their three governments, one that would shift the balance of power in the outer-rim.

Alas these plans were cut short when King Andrew was assassinated. With him the three-way alliance died.

The Federation was to feel its first moment of duplicity. Grand Admiral Parret disappeared into the outer rim with the greater part of the Federation Navy. This left the Federation nearly defenseless. Eventually the traitor was hunted down. The Mindano died with a blaster wound to the back of his head in the outer rim. The Federation though, was still without the greater part of its navy.

As a direct result the Federation decided to further its relationship with the Rebel Alliance. And so the Federation was the first government to Ratify the constitution of the New Republic. In return, the Federation received vessels with which to defend herself.

It was then that he first met Acria Larkin as she was then called. She served the Alliance as their head diplomat. She greatly impressed my master with her ability, and great beauty for a human.

During this period my master started to take long unexplained pilgrimages away from the Federation. Only a select few knew where he was going. He spent a lot of his time in the Temples of Kiyorath Seeking guidance. When he was not on Falleen, The Prince could be found in the service of the Black Sun. He used his work there as an opportunity to gather information, which he always believed was the key to power.

It was around this period that Jargon Darot, of the Eu’maios returned to Falleen. Lord Darot had been captured as a resistance fighter prior to the battle of Falleen, and had been bonded into the service of the Empire. His technical ability saw him eventually head up the Imperial Research and Development department. As soon as he was able, he made his escape, pledging to serve the new Falleen Federation.

With his expertise the Federations own research and development program was started, its major result being the Guardian Cruiser.

Tholin spent a lot of time with Lord Darot, cataloging the history of the Federation, and reconstituting the histories of the clans. As a result of his tireless work, he was made Minister of Culture for the Federation. He enjoyed brief periods as Lord Chairman in Tholin’s absence.

Together with Lord Darot, Prince Tholin founded the Falleen Central Library and the Huruk-Rah University. The University comprised of the Dante Military Academy, dedicated to the first Admiral of the Federation, and the Diplomatic College.

I will jump ahead slightly in my telling here, to deal with Lord Darots story briefly. Lord Darot eventually became sick. No one could identify this illness. Lord Darot begged to be relieved of public service, which my master allowed. For reasons unknown to me, it was then announced Darot had died. With his death the diplomatic college was renamed the Darot College. When his health returned, Jargon Darot never fully returned to public service. He continued to provide advice when called upon and to this day remains a close friend of my masters.

At this point a company called Lexicon Information Services approached the Federation. Lexicon brought the Federation into contact with the Galaxy. My master became friends with its owner Vang Tyrridon. Together they began to establish a galactic wide intelligence network.



Many nights I listened to conversations and plotting occurring between my master and his favored advisor. Jargon Darot in his time in the Empire had developed a new strategy for dealing on the galactic level. Often my Prince and Lord Darot would simply refer to Fingers in pies. The essence of this doctrine was to involve oneself in as many undertakings, directly and indirectly, so as to give the Federation maximum options.

Prince Tholin refers to it as the Falleen way. His belief is that you must undertake any action, as long as it benefits the Federation. Even if it means dealing with one who is an enemy. As a result much of what was done behind closed doors was very subversive and clandestine. Even during the period of alliance with the Alliance to restore the New Republic, and frequent skirmishes with the Empire, Prince Tholin passed information to both sides about the other, playing both ends against the other, thus keeping the Federation safe.

Soon Falleen started to flourish, and Lord Governors were added to the High Council. Many many dealings occurred, which saw mercenary groups settle on Federation worlds and swear fealty to Falleen. First among them were the Black Dragons, who governed Jomark on behalf of the Federation. Then came Lornor Security under Chancellor Hayden Rodery, who governed Prathill.

I will pause a moment to describe Haden Rodery. He was human, but something dark came from him. He was known to be a Dark Jedi, and as a Lord Governor of the Federation, the Alliance lobbied the high council to have him replaced. My Master at this stage not a believer in the religion of the force, ignored alliance requests and grew disgruntled with the state of the relationship. He saw the alliance interference in internal Federation affairs as a lack of respect for Federation sovereignty.

With the expansion into the Jomark System the Federations growth was gaining momentum. Soon Honoghor would join the Federation followed closely by Ish’Tib. The leader of the Ish’Tib people, Passik Lord Governor on the Federation Council was the first non-Falleen to lead the Federation, and to this date has been the only.

During the negotiations with the Noghri, the near improbable occurred when my master sired a son to a Noghri female. This son was Argon Nitor, who would serve in the Federation Military, and Clan Eu’maois. He was never accepted into the Royal Clan due to his mixed blood.

This was a period of growing confidence for the Federation. The Huruk-Rah had become a Galactic force of their own. The Black Sun had gone through a number of leadership changes, Blood first, who was then deposed by Keevan, who ruled the family for a number of years, then to be replaced by Qel.

With Qel as Prince of the Black Sun, and Prince of his line things started coming together for the Royal Clan. Lord Kosh Naranek began to amass a considerable amount of wealth. My Master, Prince Qel and Kosh Naranek presented a considerable power block in the Galaxy, mainly in the underground.

The Federation undertook its first military operation during the Alissma Emergency. The newly formed Gand Theocracy under Avatar had come under assault from the Hapes Consortium. The Federation deployed military units and advisors to the Alissma to assist them in operations against the Consortium. A young Admiral by the name of Josa Va Amora led this detachment in a number of successful engagements against the consortium.

Somewhere around this period a Falleen came to Prince Tholin’s attention. A man with an ability for business that could not be rivaled. He was a Yu’hra, clanless, a wanderer. He had ambition. He went by the name of Eldrik Kuraine. My Father was so impressed by him, he offered Eldrik Membership of the Royal Clan.

My Masters concern over the proximity of Dathomir, a Hapan world to Falleen had grown. He undertook with Qel to claim the planet, simply through force of numbers without a drop of blood. Slowly they started to flood the world with Falleen migrants.

Over a period of many years, my master developed a close friendship with Lord Alex Tylger who he eventually granted the title of Baron within the Federation, in order to bring closer the Consortium and the Federation.

Eventually the plot to capture dathomir was uncovered by Lord Alex. He then proceeded with the destruction of all Falleen residences on the planet and all illegally constructed facilities. Prince Qel and the Black Sun took the public fall for the operation.

A Day of mourning was declared on Falleen for the lives lost.



As the Federation grew, it became a greater target. Soon my Master had to deal with insurgents. The first came from within. Davyyk Lysander had grown weary of Prince Tholins rule as Lord Chairman. He had by this stage grown to be a senior member of the Rebel Alliance. And so he began to insert Falleen members of the Alliance into Federation Government.

Formost amongst these was Xa Draet who proved a capable administrator. So much so, that my master made him the secretary-general of the Falleen Federation. During one of my Masters Pilgrimages, Xa Draet made a bid for the leadership, throwing out of sync the balance of power in the Federation and interfering with the Interim government. On the return of my Master, he exiled Xa Draet and broke of all ties with the Rebel Alliance. Prince Tholin felt that Rebel Alliance interference, even from a Falleen member of the Huruk-rah within its ranks, was an affront to the sovereignty of the Falleen State, and against the principles of their treaty.

What followed was a flurry of diplomatic activity. The Federation and the Rebel Alliance were on the brink of war. Davyyk Lysander had started to claim that Prince Tholin was dictating the government of the Federation and oppressing the Falleen people. He was preparing a Fleet to move against the Falleen Federation Government. This conflict was avoided through the skill of the diplomats involved. My Master has enjoyed a strained relationship with Lysander since.

Soon after this emergency, The Federation faced a new threat. This time, the Federation was prepared. A paramilitary group called the Cartellian Hegemony had emerged, under the leadership of Tiberius Cassius Gan. As a result of brief encounter with a uniformed member of the Federation Tiberius Cassius Gan lost one of his arm, and was quickly nicknamed Tibby One Arm.

Tibby One Arm had gathered around him a military force, that was quite impressive. The Cartellian Hegemony moved against Falleen Prime. Its Invasion fleet reached orbit of Falleen unchallenged. When the trap was sprung, Tibby One Arm found himself defeated. Nearly every Captain in his fleet defected to the Federation the moment he gave his order to fire. All this was the work of my Masters operatives, Knight-Marshall Brosk Cardassian. His Invasion force was soon destroyed. Knight-Marshall Brosk pressed the advantage and launched a counter invasion of Cartellian Space. The Hegemony was obliterated. Tibby One Army Survived, only to be captured by the Sith and killed.

. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .

Following a long period of time when the Huruk-Rah Clan dominated the top echelons of Federation politics, the Mindano Clan rose to power with the death of the last of the Huruk-Rah Kings, Eldric Kuraine.  Federation Navy Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris, Nathran of the Mindano Clan, was crowned King because Kuraine had been killed by his own Clansmen who were thus prevented from ascending to the throne.

Under King Aldaris the Federation experienced a renaissance.  The age of enlightenment and excellence is accredited to the Mindano focus on diligent service, compared to the Huruk-Rah culture of entitlement which had crept into that Clan during its time as the sole source of power in the  Federation.