“Stand firm, stand together. We fight, we die for each other.”– Derris Chor’matt, Herethka of Clan Aj`Salan to his battalion during the seige of Anhkron, 34 BF.

In the ancient history of Falleen, the city-state of Aj’Salan was one of the most powerful city-states in the western deserts of Falleen Prime. Home to powerful soldiers, the city-state required almost every adult male to enter its military. It had a very Spartan lifestyle, with war and honor being a way of life.

Inter-state wars led to an accumulation of territory, extending the city-state and spreading its forces. Aj’Salan commanders chose to integrate the best warriors of the subjugated states, incorporating their training, skills and abilities, into their own forces. These soldiers remained loyal to their new state, as it offered them freedoms and privileges denied to them by their former allies. Over the years, this led to a pedigree of piloting, armed and unarmed combat unlike anything seen on Falleen Prime.

While the city-state of Aj’Salan itself as a government fell long ago, the wide geographic area encompassing it still has a large percentage of it’s population serving in the military, and years of development of their skills has honed them into among the most respected warriors in the Federation. Due to their ancient past, Aj’Salan has been much more tolerant and accepting of outsiders. The greatest warriors among them being honored as equally as their Falleen brethren.