Current Systems

The Falleen Federation’s vast territory is home to some of the most wonderful cultures and beautifully stunning vistas in the known galaxy.  We invite you to explore all that we have to offer.

This is the home planet of the Falleen species and the capital world of the Falleen Federation. The planet is dominated by a vast desert and sea, but forested areas can be found in a southern tropical zone and ice tundras to the east and west. Now fully recovered from a bacteriological disaster, known as the Great Plight, Falleen is the center of new social, artistic, and architectural expression adding to an already rich cultural heritage. With this planet’s beauty there comes an understanding about the Falleen’s drive for the finer thing in life. It is one of the few places in the galaxy where many have been said to find perfect tranquility.

This ocean world is home to the Aqualish species. It is almost entirely covered with water, with only ice caps at the poles and island archipelagos dotting the endless blue seascape. There are a few cities on the larger islands, but the only spaceport resides in the capital, Quantill City. It is a remarkably beautiful city for such an aggressive and belligerent race, built at the top of a large crystal cliff that overlooks the Quantill Straight, a long, narrow stretch of sea between two of the largest islands on the planet. The Empire once subjugated the planet, but eventually the Falleen Federation navy liberated the system, giving them back their relative freedom, for which the Aqualish have shown unusual gratitude.

Secundus Ando
Library awaiting historical books and records.

Originating on the harsh, wind swept moon of Iktotch Moon, which orbits the planet Iktotchon in the Expansion Region.The Iktotchi are a hairless race with an incredibly resilient skin which protects them from the violent winds of the Iktotch Moon. Both males and females have curved horns, although the males’ horns are generally a little larger. Average male height measures 1.80 meters with females measuring slightly less. The Iktotchi people speak Iktotchese to communicate between themselves, but easily adapt to use Basic for commerce and general communication with the galaxy.

Qiraa is in the Qiraa system and is the homeworld of the Qiraash people. It is a relatively nondescript planet, distinguished only by its hot, year-round temperatures, atmosphere is breathable and the air is clean, while the majority of its terrain rock and desert. The planet’s surface is covered with molten rock, with large mesas of volcanic glass rising up from this unstable waterless ocean. Radioactive lava that scrambled computers and sensors spewed from the many fissures and crevasses that scoured the surface. The searingly hot temperatures and the toxic atmosphere made environmental suits an absolute necessity. Qiraa’s gravity was 1.4 times standard.


The Zolan system was a star system located within the Lambda sector of the Mid Rim that contained the planet Zolan.  Zolan was the homeworld of the Zolander species and its Clawdite offshoot. The Zolanders were loyal to the Galactic Republic, but the Clawdites were loyal to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, with the false hope the Confederacy would liberate them from Zolander oppression.

Historical Systems

Other territory involved with Falleen Federation in the past allowed our librarians to record diverse history of other cultures as well.

Alzoc III
This frozen ball of a planet is home to the Talz species, a gentle and hard working people. It is a cold, frigid world, covered with frozen tundra and dotted with many active volcanoes, though the temperature is surprisingly pleasant during the summer around the equatorial regions. The Talz were poorly mistreated and abused for years until the Empire abruptly pulled out of the system. Shortly afterwards, survey teams from the Falleen Federation entered the system and aided the Talz to rebuild their world, establishing a reasonable military outpost to ensure the protection and freedom of the Talz, while leaving them to govern their own affairs.

This rough, rocky, and barren world is home to the Geonosians. Most of the arid surface consists of hills, plateaus and great rocky outcroppings. The planet’s architecture is similar in appearance to termite mounds, consisting of domes and buildings built into caverns and rock spires. One can easily mistake Geonosian buildings for natural formations and the planet itself for uninhabited.

Sakiyans are a race of humanoids that evolved from fierce, arboreal predators and are native to the planet Sakiya. Members of this race are characterized by their large craniums, pointed ears, and prodigious fangs. Sakiyans are born with varying skin tones, they also have the ability to see into the infrared spectrum and have particularly keen senses. While a handful of Sakiyans have decided to explore the galaxy for a broader range of prey and glory, most choose to remain on their homeworld their entire lives, enticed by its temperate climate and excellent hunting.