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Falleen Awards

Special ribbons awarded by the Executive Court.

RCSR – Royal Court Service Ribbon (Members of the Royal Court)

MCSR – Ministerial Court Service Ribbon (Ministers and Deputy Ministers)

ECSR – Executive Court Service Ribbon (Members of the Executive Court)

FCA – Falleen Citizenship Award (Registered Falleen citizens)

 – Order of the Noblest Rukhar Ribbon (Falleen Honors)

 – Legion of Honor Ribbon (Falleen Honors)

Service Ribbons

Indicating time of service, service to a ministry and or service at a command level.

FFS-6M – Falleen Federation Service – 6 Months

FFS-1Y – Falleen Federation Service – 1 Year

FFS-2Y – Falleen Federation Service – 2 Years

FFS-3Y – Falleen Federation Service – 3 Years

FFS-4Y – Falleen Federation Service – 4 Years

FFS-5Y – Falleen Federation Service – 5 Years

FFS-6Y – Falleen Federation Service – 6 Years

FFS-7Y – Falleen Federation Service – 7 Years

FFS-8Y – Falleen Federation Service – 8 Years

FFS-9Y – Falleen Federation Service – 9 Years

FFS-10Y – Falleen Federation Service – 10 Years

AGR – Academy Graduate Ribbon (Graduates of IMA)

FSR – Fiefdom Service Ribbon (Current and former members of the Fiefdom)

Ministerial Awards

Ministry and department specific awards.


DSR – Defence Service Ribbon

DSR-G – Defence Service Ribbon – Gold (Command level)


BAM – Bronze Aegis Medal

SC – Secretary’s Coin


ESR – Engineering Service Ribbon

ESR-G – Engineering Service Ribbon – Gold (Command level)

Falleen Naval Contracts

– Falleen Naval Contracts Service Ribbon

State & Culture

SSR – State Service Ribbon

SSR-G – State Service Ribbon – Gold (Command level)


SSR-G – Instructor’s Badge

Project/Campaign Awards

Ribbons awarded to each participant of a specific civilian project or military campaign.

Build Projects

CBP – Cirthom Build Project

TBP – Tarrelu Build Project

OMBP – Ord Mantell Build Project

BBP – Bommigil Build Project