“Always, we must remember our past – Always, we must always be honest and steadfast in our duty. Always, we will protect those we love, for the greater good.”– Hertheka Gran’hiror Ienith, first among the Hertheka of Clan Ienith during the admittance of the clan into the Federation.

Ienith, the Falleen word for strength, accurately describes Clan Ienith. This clan traces its lineage back to the Ancient kings of Bajor’kahan, and their secret society of warrior protectors. The Legendary King Hen’kiati had expanded the Bajor’kahan Empire to the very gates of Carloda, an Ancient bastion of Falleen Culture and power. The Carlodi, from who the Bru’jah and Kthran both claim ancestry, could not idly allow such a rival to their power, and began a process of regicide, that saw generations of Bajor’Kahani Kings slaughtered, some still in their mothers wombs. It is said that the dowager Queen Chr’Kalina surrounded herself with elite warriors, who could take on any guise, and detect any trap- these she called the Ienith – as they provided her with the strength to raise and protect King Hertheka the Great.

King Hertheka devoted his life to protecting the Bajor’kahan empire, with such devotion and awe that his name has lived on as the title of the most loyal and dedicated of Clan Warriors throughout Falleen, and the legacy of the Bajor’kahan empire lives today in the modern city of Bajor’kahan built over the ruins of the Bajor’Kahani capital.

The Ienith always fought by the side of their King, and for their king, under many guises, and some archeologists attribute the intrigue of Falleen society directly to these calculating individuals.

With the beginning of the Clan Wars, Clan Ienith set out on a voyage to seek new places to inhabit. The journey was long and hard and filled with many dangers. There are few records that survive from this time, they have been lost or destroyed, and some even suggest that they have been hidden. Clan Ienith have always had their own clan identity and ideology, these are their greatest source of strength and sense of duty, which drove them on into unexplored space.

Upon arriving in the Kanopis system Clan Ienith was at a loss as to where to go. They had traveled far with many hardships and had lost much of their strength. Then came the Tizmarat Amonrath Comn who led Clan Ienith to the Planet Ulaeri. Here life was easier for them and they soon settled into their new life, reviving the almost lost ways of the clan. Opportunity was plentiful and the clan soon flourished and grew strong, yet in these years they developed independently from the rest of Falleen society.

The other bodies in the Kanopis system were harsh and unforgiving and there was a limit to how well Clan Ienith could do on the confines of their secluded planet. The Clan became restless and felt the need to expand once again, but feared the dangers of unfriendly space. Finally word reached them that the Falleen Federation had been renewed and they felt a longing to be reunited with their kind, and once again resume their ancient role as protectors and pillars of strength in Falleen society.

So it was that an envoy of Ienith journeyed to Fallen and made contact with the Falleen Federation once again, renewing the old oath of allegiance to Falleen and to the King.