:: OVERVIEW :: Loronar Corporation is a major diversified firm with holdings in a variety of industries and markets. Loronar is known for producing a range of high quality goods and innovative services and systems, with operations located primarily near our Core. Headquartered in the Doldur sector, it is widely recognized as one of the galaxy’s leading ship manufacturers. Our chief objective is to supply the Falleen Federation with the expertise and resources needed to sustain modern civilian and military fleets. Loronar Corporation is driven by its customers and we design our products and services with them in mind. From starships and vehicles to weapons and armour, we promise effective communication, efficient service, and high quality goods. Loronar continues to expand its product lines and services to meet emerging customer needs. If you require any further information or would like to discuss a potential sales contract, please contact us using the details on our Holosite, or join our discord. The Corporation seeks capable individuals to drive Loronar forward. In return we provide training, a competitive salary, project-related bonuses, staff discounts and exciting career opportunities as we continue to develop and grow. For those interested in joining us please contact one of the recruitment liaisons listed above, or visit our discord.

Our engineers and master shipwrights are the best in the business. Loronar Corporation is currently the sole producer of the Modular Conveyor and the Barloz-class Freighter. In addition to these, it produces the YV-666 and the Byblos G1-A. Specialized engineering teams are also able to construct all makes and models of civilian space stations. For more information, datacard sales and private contracts please contact a representative today! However, since Loronar Corporations main objective is to supply the Federation with it’s needs, it rarely sells to the public, despite popular demands on its products.

:: RECRUITMENT :: The Falleen Federation and its Crown Corporation, Loronar Corporation, are dedicated to the principles of Liberty, Equality and Justice. As such the FF and LC are accepting of other species and have members of races other than Falleen. New recruits receive a 5,000,000 credit a month salary and are instructed in everything they need to know. Members of LC are considered Federation citizens and enjoy all the benefits that come with citizenship including, among others, equal protection under the law and some of the highest pay scales in the galaxy. To join LC, please submit a join request to the Falleen Federation.

Under the leadership of Director Krios Malana, Loronar Corporation remains true to its founding. Its members are happy to be supporting the cause of freedom and peace in the galaxy by serving the Federation and her allies with exceptional craftsmanship it had become known throughout the galaxy for.

Loronar Corporation. Engineering Tomorrow.