Revised in the galactic year 15 by the Royal Court

The Rukhar is the national symbol of the Falleen Federation, a proud and powerful falcon bird that embodies the meaning of being Falleen. Because of this, those who distinguish themselves among the Federation are honored with the Order of the Noblest Rukhar.

While the Legion of Honor honors those very few who made exceptional contributions to the Federation and His Majesty, the King, many others are justly praised by the Federation for their effort, skill, courage and valor in the line of duty and beyond. These individuals distinguish themselves through their actions on behalf of the Falleen Federation and its people, honoring their comrades and representing the pride of being a Federation member both within and outside the Falleen Society.

The Order of the Noblest Rukhar is granted by the Council of Lords with the tacit approval of His Majesty, the King. Traditionally, high ranking members of the Federation are also made members of the Order, either before or while being appointed to high ranking positions within the Federation. Being made a member of the Order of the Noblest Rukhar is a great public honor in Falleen society, and membership takes precedence over rank in public ceremonies. Members of the Order of the Noblest Rukhar are distinguished by wearing a sash going from the right shoulder down to the left hip as well as having an Order emblem displayed on their left breast.

The recipient must swear an oath during the presentation of the order:

“I [full name] do solemnly swear total allegiance to the King of Falleen and the Falleen people. As a [Sir/Dame] of the Order of the Noblest Rukhar, I take upon myself the responsibility of safeguarding the Falleen Crown against all those who would strike it down. I take upon myself the responsibility of preserving the Confederation of Falleen Noble Clans in the face of all adversity that it may face. This I swear to do with my will, my blood, my very life. So help me, Kiyorath Dhin.”

Current Recipients

  • Vin Zem
  • Maxim Nighthawk
  • Lucas Wissen
  • Arthur von Minos
  • Thomas Decoy
  • Chem Eng
  • Appan Parsu
  • Tihany Chrome
  • Gorag Kron
  • Jonpas Auditore
  • Logan Brash
  • Calab Carak
  • Arc Dalton