“Fellow Falleen, fellow brothers and sisters, fellow bloodline. It is with great difficulty that I bring this news to you.”– Dodotyar Rejuhik Eu’maois, the day after the infamous Dodotyar Scandal of 15 BF.


While the city of Ankhialos was starting to re-grow after the Imperials disaster, one clan was able to affirm its position as a powerful player of Falleen society and politics. Clan Eu’maois, skilled and savvy from years of experience and grooming, has a dedicated number of young adults brought up simply for the task of vying for city and planetary control. A Eu’maios without some form of power is seen as useless, and they are willingly lose all previous scruples or work ethics in order to trade verbatim with brother, cousin or nephew alike in order to find a niche within the Falleen government or community. Large quantities of workers are often used in order to free the immediate family from such trivialities as labor, and so be able to pit against one another in the political arena. Most of this rich clan maintains a façade of friendliness when necessary, so it is almost impossible to weed out the sly from the truly sincere. Once in power, most of these Falleen realize that the Race comes first, and give their full attention to the needs of the nation. However, they must continuously keep a wary eye on those below them, as Eu’maios are bred to battle for political supremacy on a daily basis. This clan is especially known for their deadly use of pheromones, especially when they find it necessary to climb the ladder of power quickly without realizing the repercussions of such a short sighted strategy. Most power struggles within this clan would never result in the Primal Law being evoked, as the Eu’maios are more accustomed to showing the stupidity or disability of the current leader with barbed tongue and the twisting or facts rather then an outright confrontation and the risk of their own precious lives.