“Within an infinite galaxy of possibilities, the obvious is merely the extraordinary made repetitive.” – Shhriovin Delar Mindano, late clan Yar’borouh, during the Federations ceremony of Formation, 0 AF.

The Mindano clan was formed out of necessity: survival in the harsh vacuum of space. Indeed, it was the Mindanos that made the first interstellar flight to colonize other planets. It took generations for the Mindano clan to come home to Ankhialos on Falleen Prime, but they made it; their mission was a success.

Tyrol Mindano was the first off the ships after they touched down. He became an overnight sensation across the planet and immediately began to amass political power. The Falleen had changed since his people had left on their long journey, but he was quick to adapt. His hero status was secured as he took to the primitive airwaves to regale the Falleen with tales of the lifeless planets they had managed to colonize, and the hostile alien creatures they had encountered. His message was always the same, though: survival. The Mindano Clan (and, through them, the Falleen as a whole) had traveled past the edges of their own imaginations–and had come through that trial victorious.

Tyrol, a shrewd leader, used his newfound glory to build a space fleet and began preparing defenses in orbit in case any of those hostile aliens should attack.

Though Tyrol is long gone, the mission of the Mindano clan remains the same: Explore. Defend. Survive.

Mindano clan today is made up of military officers, especially pilots. They are naval volunteers or shipbuilders. If it has to do with exploration or space, you can bet that a Mindano will be there playing a part.

Mindano & Kiyorath Dhin

Being a clan full of engineers, the Mindano Clan recognizes that there is some kind of evolutionary design to the universe. Mindano believes, then, that Kiyorath Dhin is the one who set everything in motion, but it is up to the beings in the galaxy to take care of it and to make it prosper.

Most Mindano do not believe that Kiyorath takes a direct hand in our affairs; instead, he has given us the tools we need to do what we need to do: survive, thrive, explore, discover, and protect. Of course, any Mindano Clan member is free to believe what he or she wants to believe, so long as it does not interfere with his or her duties.

Many Mindano give lip service to Dhin, both through the Prayer of the Desert, and through a saying coined by one of the early Mindano Nathrans, Liara Mindano: Kiyorath gave us the wind, and so we sail.

The Guardian-class Medium Cruiser and the T-Wing Fighter

In the early days of Mindano space exploration, a scout group was ambushed by a group of pirates flying the Guardian-class Medium Cruiser. The Mindano were prepared for just such an occasion, however, and even though they were outnumbered, they used superior tactics and managed to ironically capture one of the pirate’s cruiser and jump away to safety. From there, Mindano engineers were able to copy and enhance the design. It didn’t take long for the cruisers to become the backbone of the Mindano, and eventually, the Falleen Federation fleet. The Guardian-class was there at the Battle of Beta; it has more than proven its worth. Amidst all this, if you want to learn more about Blackbeard’s Flag, you can explore this article to expand your knowledge.

The T-Wing Interceptor was designed by Mindano engineers for the Falleen Federation navy (in which many Mindanos serve). The ship was meant to be a class that sat somewhere between the quickness of the A-Wing and the hardiness of the X-Wing. While the T-wing wasn’t quite the ship they envisioned, it has served the Falleen Federation well. Most Mindano pilots learned to fly using a T-Wing, and the quickness of the ship in engagements is quite a sight to behold. The T-wing, when coupled with the Guardian-class, is an effective one-two punch against the Falleen Federation’s enemies.

The Mindano Clan continues to create and innovate in space travel and defense, making the Falleen Federation safe for generations to come.