“Within an infinite galaxy of possibilities, the obvious is merely the extraordinary made repetitive.”– Shhriovin Delar Mindano, late clan Yar’borouh, during the Federations ceremony of Formation, 0 AF.


Ankhialos was barely the metropolis it is now when it received news via old-fashioned radio wave that Tyrol Mindano and his space exploration fleet had surprisingly returned. The nation was in a state of rebuilding since the Empires massacre, and it was this small group of returning spacefarers, having left in years past to colonize a distant star, who helped craft the current form of government. Bringing with them tales of barren planets and hostile aliens, they were equally amazed at how much Falleen had changed from what they had been taught to remember of it as. The Mindano’s created the first Falleen Federation starfleet, a rag-tag ensemble of freighters and fighters with a limited range, but they were all repaired and flown almost exclusively by the talented Mindanian mechanics and pilots. Tyrol is now dead buried within the Falleen Ossuary, but his clansmen have carried on his dream of Falleen space exploration. Advances in education has enabled many other Falleen to join the ranks of these spacefarers, but most Mindano’s are still known to have some form of connection with the races interstellar travel, and some are even trained since birth by idealistic parents for the singular task of piloting ships.