“We are the true sons of the land. Kiyorath has given us the sand to walk on and the sun to watch over us, and it is by his providence that we have survived where others have not.”– For’yur Kthra, Clan Tizmarat, conversation with his Ta’Shir, 27 B.F.


Cut off from the landward winds by the Ajiloin Mountains, the desert nomads of Kthran endured intense hardships following the Imperial desecration of Falleen Prime. Isolated geographically from the rest of Falleen society after the civilization’s destruction, the population of Kthran fell into decline until only the strongest and most shrewd remained to protect the sparse and increasingly hostile land of their ancestors. After years without outside contact, these burdened people arduously moved from hunting, to agrarian, to secondary production. The Kthran lived with the foreboding knowledge that survival was the exception, not the rule. Contact with other clans was eventually established, enriching the Kthran with a new sense of culture and idealism, but the desert’s mark continues to show in such aspects as their unique physique and suspicious disposition. Of intimidating physical prowess compared with most Falleen, the combination of difficult labor and constant movement afforded members of Kthran, both males and females alike, a reputation as legendary in strength and agility. Initially wary of outsiders and tradition-breaking ideas, the Kthran suffered from their paranoia and conservatism; many prejudiced Falleen initially ridiculed the Kthran, finding them equally archaic and haughty. With a Machiavellian ethos they have, however, proven to be both diligent and vital members of the Federation. Furthermore their survival-tuned minds and powerful bodies have proven extremely effective both tactically and physically in the Federation Military. The Kthran have no evident animosity toward other clans, but will quickly seek to subvert the status quo when demeaned or undermined , and often find it difficult to work with the more snobbish Huruk-Rah and agrarian phobic Ghera’jh. The Kthran are well adapted to both melee and projectile technology, and their transition of leadership is almost always through some form of combat.

Due to the Kthran’s intimate relationship with the deserts of Falleen Prime, the clan’s Nathran is known as the “Desert Lord” and has come to be viewed as a sort of monarch in his own right. Harsh, overbearing, and often aloof, if not the strongest member of the clan the Desert Lord is almost certainly the most cunning.