The Falleen Star
Description: Awarded by the King as the highest award in the Federation to those who while engaged in action with the enemy go above and beyond the call of duty, selflessly risking their own lives for the good of the Federation and her citizens.





The Medal of Cavamina
Description: Awarded by a member of the Council of Lords to those who show extraordinary effort and courage in committing great and noble deeds wrought on behalf of the Falleen Federation within and beyond their field of expertise.




The Desert Rose
Description: Awarded to those who display uncommon resolve and composure in achieving diplomatic success for the Federation.





The Darot-Haxim Medal
Description: Awarded to those who have gone to great lengths to preserve the history, art, and traditions of the Federation to ensure that future generations will always be able to look to the past for guidance. Given in memoriam of Lords Jargon Darot and Tyriss Haxim.




The Quantum Star
Description: Awarded to citizens of the Federation for exemplary service over a long period of time.





Kiyorath’s Cross
Description: Awarded to those whose quick thinking, bravery, and skills saved a life in or out of combat.






Dur`aak’s Star
Description: Awarded to those wounded in service to protecting the Federation and her people. Given in memoriam of Lord Zoro Duraak.