Membership of the Brotherhood Virtuti Militari is an award bestowed upon persons as deemed by the Leader of the Falleen Federation for work, courage, and integrity above and beyond those required by their duty. Since Day 119 of year 5 it is awarded only posthumously. The name of each recipient is carved into a large marble slab that stands outside of the Forum of the People in the capital city. The names and deeds of each recipient can be found carved into memorial stones in the gardens of the Ankhialos palace, the original seat of Federation Government.

Brotherhood nominations have become rare during the reign of King Bisz Aldaris, with favor falling to the Legion of Honour. There is speculation that the Brotherhood will eventually be retired.  It is unknown whether the monument will remain in the Capital or be moved to the Feleos archives.

Grand Admiral Dante
Died in the Defence of Falleen, and the Falleen Federation in the War of Indpendance. In one last courageous act he gave his life and his ship, in a decisive move that changed the course of the Battle of Falleen. Grand Admiral Dante was the first Commander in Chief of Federation Naval Forces.

Rall Meakin
Displayed Courage and daring above and beyond the call of duty. Served with the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Falleen, defending Falleen as though it was his home. Single handedly rescued Lord Tholin Dur’aak and his entourage from the Ruined Falleen Palace, whilst under heavy attack, risking his own life without thought.

David “Dr Fro” Salohah
Fought with courage and dedication above and beyond the call of Duty as a Member of the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Falleen. David Salohah was the first Alliance response to the Falleen call for assistance, and he and his squadron remained for the entire battle.

Served with the Rebel Alliance force deployed to the Battle of Falleen. Ashe’s decisive and courageous actions against Imperial positions were a critical part of the Battle of Falleen. Ashe’s Leadership of his squadron and his ability to make rapid efficient decisions were truly Heroic at the Battle of Falleen.

Lord Passik
Leader of the Falleen Federation during Lord Tholin’s pilgrimage. Lord Passik held the Federation together in one of the darkest parts of its History, and served the Federation and all Falleen with Honesty, Dignity and loyalty above and beyond the call of duty. Lord Passik was the first non-Falleen to be accepted into the High Council of the Falleen Federation, and the First Non-Falleen to Lead the Falleen Federation.

Lord Zoro Dur’aak
Brother of Lord Chairman Tholin Dur’aak and one of the founding members Zoro served the Falleen Federation as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Brutally assassinated my persons unknown. For all his life he served the Falleen Military with up most honour and sense of duty. A true role-model to all would be Military members.

Lord Jargon Darot
Once enslaved by the Galactic Empire, forced to work for their research department due to his superior intellect. Jargon eventually escaped to come back to the place where he grew up. The planet Falleen that he knew no longer apparent and slowly reforming under the leadership of Clan Huruk-Rah, Jargon saw the opportunity to apply his knowledge as a true Falleen Historian to help revive the clan structure of the Federation’s society. Serving as the religious leader, Tizmarat, for the clan Eu’maios he helped them grow back to the strength as second clan of Falleen through his guidance and at points as their Leader. Eventually attaining the post of Minister of Culture and then working his way to be Governor of Falleen, and Secretary General of the Federation Jargon continued working right up until he passed away of a mysterious illness, Unbeknownst to his friends and family, Jargon carried on working through his sickness till he died. It was later discocered his death was just a tool to remove the hero of the Federation from public life into a secluded retirement.

Nestor Laconia
Greatest example of a loyal officer of Falleen Federation. Kept other Federation members safe and protected with his extraordinary work in Ministry of Defense. Taught new members the way of the galaxy and the way of the Federation. One of the finest and fairest officers, a true role-model to all Military members, Academy officers and Cadets, were, are and would be.

Lord Tyriss Haxim
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