Sejm announces Amendment to Charter!

A professional Evori Oasho lights up your holo screen.

“We have gathered here at the entrance of the palace for a press conference called by the King of the Federation. He is about to come to the podium and we will cut to him now.”

The shot shifts to a podium on a landing in front of the grand Federation Government House. Either side of the speaker’s position is flanked by key members of the Sejm, including Clan Leaders, and homeworld representatives of Iktotch, Geonosis, and others. The Chancellor Xanust Sizhran appears to be representing the Council of Lords.

“Here comes his majesty now, wearing his Huruk-Rah clan robes on this occasion” you hear Evori say as the regal Falleen approaches the podium.

“People of our Federation, it has been some time since I have addressed you, and much has occurred since then.” The holo camera pans the VIP seating, catching a view of Lord Tholin Dur’aak, founder of the Federation. Evori Oasho’s voice cuts in, almost at a whisper “This event is the first time Lord Tholin, a Prince of Falleen, has been seen at a public event in a number of years, and perhaps this represents a return to official service”.

The commentary drops away as King Dur’rik continues. “To a galactic audience, and within the Sejm, we publicly announced our joining of the Galactic Concordiate. In my speech to the Sejm, I outlined our involvement in the Concordiate as supporting our own charter and goal of living with and searching for those among the stars desirous of freedom and peace, in a firm league of friendship with each other for common defense, the security of our liberties, and our mutual and general welfare. By taking this position, we also return to a tradition established by my uncle when this Confederation of Falleen Clans was founded, following in the traditions of the now-defunct Tri-Star Alliance. In the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, our Federation was historically neutral; actively working to form alliances around this neutrality. It was only under the rule of King Aldaris and King Kuraine that we strayed to one side over the other. Neutrality puts the Federation and her allies first. It puts we Falleen, Iktotch, Genosian, Clawdite, Aqualish, Qiraashi, and our Clans – and all those who seek citizenship within our borders at the center of our political decision making.”

The King is observed pausing to smile at the Federation’s Lady Ambassador and his Queen, Kimberly Tylger-Dur’rik, before continuing. “And so, we took the opportunity to place our charter of confederation before the Sejm, to consider if it remained appropriate for our current era. I stand before you to announce, the Charter of Confederation of Noble Clans of Falleen, and the native peoples of the Federation, as introduced by the Chancellor at the start of my reign, remains a robust, and worthy document.” The King pauses for the applause to die down.

“As a document that belongs to all people, the Charter of King Aldaris was available for public viewing. In that tradition, this new version, the Charter as amended during the reign of King Dur’rik, will also be available for public viewing.”

Evori Oasho’s face once again fills the screen. “There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the King has reaffirmed Federation neutrality as a member of the Concordiate, and announced that the Charter of Confederation of Falleen Noble clans and Federation Native peoples has been ratified again by the Sejm and is now available for public viewing.