FNN Exclusive: Royal Baby Arrives!

The Royal Seal flashes for a few brief moments before the well-known face of Evori Oasho lights up your holoscreen. It’s clear she can barely contain her excitement as she seems to almost bounce in place. When she finally starts speaking, her voice is rapid and gleeful.

“The royal baby has arrived! For months there has been speculation about the length of gestation for a half-Falleen half-Hapan baby. With no updates from the palace besides an occasional confirmation that both the Queen and child were healthy, the Federation has waited with great anticipation (and I’m told, with a great amount of betting) for news on the child’s birth.”

“Well, I can now proudly share that the Royal Family has released a statement announcing the birth of Her Majesty Princess Zara Katalina-Rose Dur`rik. Both the Queen and Princess continue to be in good health and are resting comfortably in a private setting.”