Department of Construction

The Department of Construction (DOC) is responsible for the design and construction of all planetside civilian, industrial, commercial, and most military facilities throughout Federation territory. DOC remains responsible for the management of those structures until the building process is complete and the new facility can be turned over to its occupant. The Department devotes an entire section to workforce logistics because it maintains its own engineers and laborers who must be fed, housed, and transported to each job site.

The CEO of the Department heads the DOC and answers to the Lord Engineer and the Deputy Engineer. The Directoris often assisted by Project Managers and Master Builders who take the lead on any project of major importance.

Successful mass urbanization and colonization efforts in the Doldur Sector can be attributed to the forethought, drive, and ingenuity of the Department. If it is any indication, then future DOC activities should continue to exceed expectations and dazzle the galaxy.