fmc_ver:: OVERVIEW :: Cryomed Laboratories is a Crown Corporation of the Falleen Federation. Our prime directive is to serve all the health needs of the citizens of the Falleen Federation. Beyond this basic mission, we also seek to work with medical colleagues throughout the galaxy to heal injuries and restore health.

:: HISTORY :: Falleen Medical Contracts, the newest Crown Corporation in the Falleen Federation, was created on Day 119 of G.Y. 14 at the command of His Excellency, King Rick Farlander, C.R. S.L., in order to supply the Falleen Federation with the medical items and services it needs to continue its development. Along with other Crown Corporations, FMC operates as a branch of the Ministry of Engineering. With the leadership of founding Surgeon General Dame Tihany Chrome, P.R., FMC established its headquarters on the forest moon in the Klaymor system. Falleen Medical Contracts was merged with the modern day Cryomed Laboratories in Year 17 bringing in a wealth of experience in the medical field and strengthening both groups under the flag of the Falleen Federation.

:: OPERATIONS :: To achieve our basic mission, CML locates, builds, owns and operates alazhi farms, refines the valuable harvest into bacta in our refineries, provides bacta for construction of medical ships and vehicles to our sister Crown Corporation, Falleen Naval Contracts, and manufactures medical items from laser scalpels to bacta tanks in our factories and medical labs. We also build, own and operate hospitals on planets throughout Falleen space, and we manage and operate hospital stations in key star systems. We stock these hospitals as well as the medical rooms on Falleen Federation ships with medical supplies. Our expert surgeons can provide cybernetic implants to FF citizens in these facilities. We hire, train, equip and deploy skilled medics of many races to deliver health care in all our facilities, both fixed and mobile. With the review and approval of the Falleen Federation Chamber of the Executive, CML makes available its proprietary datacards to friends and allies as well as selling surplus medical items.

:: RECRUITMENT :: The Falleen Federation and its Crown Corporation, Cryomed Laboratories, are dedicated to the principles of Liberty, Equality and Justice. As such the FF and CML are accepting of other species, and have members of races other than Falleen. New recruits are expected to complete the FF’s Ichigo Military Academy training course before entering the medical service. Experienced pilots may be admitted directly into service with CML. Members of CML are considered Falleen Federation citizens and enjoy all the benefits that come with citizenship including standard Falleen Federation ranks and salaries, equal protection under the law, and the possibility of membership in a Falleen clan (including Plebian clans for non-Falleen species). If you share our dedication to the healing arts and wish to make a difference in improving the galaxy as a better place for all sentients to live, consider joining us at Cryomed Laboratories!