Falleen Federation Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Policy
Effective Year 9 Day 176
Revised Year 14 Day 123

A. Introduction
B. Official Channels
C. Channel Privileges
D. Operator Responsibilities
E. General Guidelines
F. Rules
G. Sanctions
H. Additional Help

A. Introduction
IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, is a world-wide multi-user chat network, where individuals meet to talk in groups, or privately, in real time. IRC chat is different from instant messaging. It is usually anonymous and does not feature buddy lists.

Within the Star Wars Combine (SWC), IRC is used as one of the primary forms of communication. The Falleen Federation uses the SWC Server (SWC-IRC) for IRC hosting. This server can be accessed via “mIRC,” one of the most popular IRC clients, any other IRC client, or the Java Client at http://www.swcombine.com/community/chat/java.php.

All members of the Falleen Federation, and the factions it owns, should use IRC if able to do so. This policy applies to IRC use by members of the Falleen Federation, the members of the factions owned by the Falleen Federation, and all persons in channels operated by them.

Despite these regulations, violations of this policy will occur. Please be reminded that although our Operators will monitor our members and channels to the best of their ability the Falleen Federation and the Star Wars Combine cannot be held responsible for online chat. The online world is not always a friendly place and appropriate precautions should always be considered.

For more information on how to connect to IRC and simple commands please see the SWC IRC guide: http://guide.swcombine.com/wiki/IRC

B. Official Channels
The main channel for the SWC community is #swc-members. For questions about the network or IRC related help, use #help. For SWC related help topics, use #swc-help. For trading, use #swc-traders. For general role-playing, use #swc-ic.

Most factions have a channel as well, starting with “#cmg-” (combine member group) followed by their name or an abbreviation. However, access to many channels is restricted so be sure to check with the faction or on their website before attempting to enter such a channel.

Primary public channels for the Falleen Federation include:
#cmg-falleenfederation (Falleen Federation)
#cmg-frc (Falleen Resource Contracts)
#cmg-fnc (Falleen Naval Contracts)
#cmg-ffr (Falleen Federal Reserve)

Primary private channels for the Falleen Federation include:
#cmg-ff-members (for faction members only)
#cmg-Ichigo_academy (for new faction members and instructors)
#ff-nationalism (for games and random fun)
#cmg-ff-chamber (for the Royal Court and above)

The Federation uses a number of other channels, but they are for specific uses and departments. Members will be informed of these channels as is necessary.

Note: Private faction channels must be set to secret (+s) and private mode (+p). Founders and Operators should see Executive Order #001 for further information.

C. Channel Privileges (#cmg-ff-members room)
The faction leader has full command authority over faction-related channels and faction member interaction on SWC-IRC. The faction leader is either given, or considered to have Founder level access in all such channels. The faction command hierarchy, as determined by the faction leader, provides the basis for privileges and responsibilities in faction channels.

On joining a channel a person is a regular user. Their nickname appears and they are able to chat with everyone else in the channel. There are often other persons with special symbols in front of their nicknames, however. These symbols denote certain privileges or abilities available to that person in that channel. They may also have a certain meaning depending on the channel.

A period ( . ) in front of a person’s nickname denotes Founder status. Founders have complete control over a channel. The Founder has full access to the channel, its commands, and its privileges. The founder can, via the access list, designate other users who will receive a certain subset of channel privileges.

An ampersand symbol (&) in front of a person’s nickname denotes SuperOp status. This is the highest subset of channel privileges and allows a person to give users all rights given by the SOP list, and allows the individual to use the AutoKick and the BadWords lists, to send and read channel memos, and so on. The SOP ADD command adds the given nickname to the SOP list. The SOP DEL command removes the given nick from the SOP list. If a list of entry numbers is given, those entries are deleted. (See the example for LIST.) Members with rank R14 and above will be assigned to SOP status.

An “at” symbol ( @ ) in front of a person’s nickname denotes Operator status. This is the second highest subset of channel privileges and allows a person to use features such as changing the channel topic, kick and ban, and giving privileges below their level. Operators are the primary enforcers of the IRC Policy. Members with rank R11 to R13 and above will be assigned to Operator Status.

A percent sign ( % ) in front of a person’s nickname denotes Half-Op status. This is the mid-level subset of channel privileges. They can kick persons of the same or lower level. Half-Ops do not have most of the channel control abilities that an Operator has, but should attempt to enforce this IRC Policy in the absence of an Operator. Members with the ranks of R8 through R10 will be assigned to Half-Op status.

A plus sign ( + ) in front of a person’s nickname denotes Voice status. A voiced person can continue to chat in a channel that is set to moderated status. Normal users with no privilege can not chat in a moderated channel. Members with the ranks of R1 to R7 will be assigned to Voice status.

In many faction channels these privilege levels are also attached to the command hierarchy. The Falleen Federation assigns privileges in #cmg-falleenfederation according to faction position and most other channels follow that general formula. This may vary in other channels; ask a channel operator for information.

D. Operator Responsibilities
Channel Operators (and Half-Ops when no Ops are active or present) must:
1. Enforce this policy fairly and equitably to the best of their abilities.
2. Ensure that primary faction channels, both public and private, always have at least one Operator; this may mean giving temporary Op status to a Half-Op.
3. Log and report all instances of banning on any faction channel. Any and all offenses which result in bans must have logs to show the offense and the offender. This is so that when someone inquires as to why they have been banned a reason may be provided.
4. Take warnings to private message. Criticizing someone’s behavior in a channel holds them up to public scrutiny in a negative way. It is usually unnecessary. In such a message, Ops are required to be courteous and request nicely that the offending individual change their behavior. An aggressive tone makes for a longer and more involved discussion, and unnecessary frustration which will raise the channel frustrations. An individual can always use channel operator privileges, or have someone else use them, as needed; but with a courteous tone an Operator will need to take advantage of his or her privileges much less often.. Operators should warn any offender at least once before kicking or banning, but certain situations may arise where it is accepted that a warning may not be given, such as a repeat offender or if an immediate threat presents itself.
5. Use channel operator privileges sparingly. Each time you use them you increase the chance of causing future problems. Users may be pleased with you, angry at you, frustrated that you used them inappropriately, envious that you have control over the discussion and so forth. None of these reactions may be conscious on the part of other users, but all of them increase the likelihood of future issues.
6. Do not abuse your privilege. Abusing Ops consists of kicking or banning without proper reason. Changing the topic and channel modes unnecessarily is also considered abuse. Abuse will result in suspension of Op access.

E. General Guidelines
1. Be representative of all the Federation. A member of the Falleen Federation is a well-respected person, with high standards, is honorable, and extremely loyal. These qualities are to be extended to IRC or whenever representing the Federation.
2. Look for the best in people. If you assume people have no self-control, they’ll confirm your belief. If you look for personal responsibility, and ask for personal responsibility, most people will respond well.
3. Set a good example. Be what you want other people to be. If you want them to be calm, be calm. If you want them to be courteous and friendly, be courteous and friendly. The habitual behavior of people on a channel is the most powerful influence on new users arriving on the channel.
4. It is proper etiquette to first ask in a channel for permission to send a private message, unless you have previously established that such a request is not necessary. With that said, be nice if someone messages you. They have gone to the trouble to seek out someone with the background to help them. You’re it! Be flattered they have singled you out. If you think they will get better support by asking their question on a channel or of someone else, just let them know.
5. Avoid advocacy debates. Certain advocacy discussions, such as those revolving around actual religion or politics, are almost guaranteed to raise the likelihood of future problems and cause other conversation to be difficult. Advocacy discussions are best held quietly, via private message, or on channels especially created for the purpose.

F. Rules
The following rules are relatively common sense. If there is any doubt about what is and isn’t acceptable, think about what you would find appropriate to post on the Falleen Federation Forums. If there is any doubt about whether or not you would post something to the Forums, do not enter it in chat. Chatting on the channels is a privilege. Those who do not care for the rules will face punishment, ranging from a warning to a channel ban.

1. All Star Wars Combine Rules and SWC-IRC Rules must be complied with.
2. All conduct in faction channels and amongst faction members must conform to a PG-13 rating.
3. Any chat not in a primary public channel is considered internal classified faction information and cannot be shared with anyone outside of the faction (punishable under Federation law).
4. The in-character faction command hierarchy is in effect for determining channel privilege status and reviewing an Operator action, when persons enter #cmg-falleenfederation, when orders affecting the SWC database are issued, in certain announced situations (such as roleplays and ceremonies), and in cases of extreme disrespect for fellow users or this Policy. Thus, any chat in these instances will be attributed to your character and could have SWC database altering consequences. Channel privilege hierarchy is in effect at all other times, meaning chat will not necessarily be attributed to your character and any punishment for rule violations will be limited to IRC sanctions.
5. Use either part of, or your full SWCombine handle as your nickname. You may use your faction rank (such as Captain), title (such as Minister or Lord), or a reasonable abbreviation (such as Capt) along with your name. Changing your name to represent your status is highly suggested (such as placing “|Away” or “[a]” in your nickname to indicate being away).
6. Salute and/or bow in #cmg-falleenfederation. On entering this main channel you must announce yourself by saluting all higher ranking officers and bowing to the King and members of his Court if present. It is customary, but not mandatory, to also salute and/or bow when such higher persons first enter the channel and you are already there. Use the command: /me [salutes].
7. Public displays of affection are to be kept to a minimum. Should your wife, husband, or boy/girlfriend enter a channel, a kiss or hug is permitted. Anything else of a sexual nature or suggested sexual nature is not permitted because it is not fit for our PG-13 rated Star Wars Universe. Consensual conduct through private messages or other non-Federation channels is not regulated by this policy. However, unwanted chat of this nature between members will be considered harassment. Posting of explicit images or URLs linking to such images is expressly prohibited.
8. Swearing is to be kept to a minimum. The occasional slip will not be penalized. However, you may never swear at another person, about another person, or use extreme vulgarity. Repeatedly swearing or just doing it for the sake of doing it is annoying and will not be tolerated. This rule applies whether it be swearing in another language, concealed swearing, or suggested swearing.
9. Do NOT insult others on a level external to Star Wars. Insulting anyone in a manner that is not Star Wars related is forbidden. This includes insulting on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc. Insults on a Star Wars level are allowed such as Imperials vs. Rebels, ‘nerf herder’ etc.
10. Do NOT annoy or harass. As different people have different annoyance levels, it is up to the discretion of any present Ops as to what action is to be taken and when. Someone can be considered annoying when a person or persons are disgusted with the person’s behavior, actions or conversation. Unwanted attention, repetition of statements, constant complaining, rants, or arguing can be considered annoying or harassing behavior. If you are annoyed by another person or feel harassed please contact an Op as soon as possible.
11. Do NOT openly disobey an Operator. If an Operator gives an order, kicks a person or sets a ban, they are not to be contradicted or argued with in public. If you have a disagreement with the order or action, speak to them in private. The faction command hierarchy is still in effect on IRC so complaints about Op abuse can be sent to another Op or higher faction member.
12. Do NOT flood. Flooding is a large amount of text displayed in a short time. This is not tolerated on any channel at all. Flooding members on the channel via private message or another way is also not tolerated.
13. Do NOT use scripts or auto-greets. Scripts or programs that automatically greet people are forbidden. These are highly annoying to other members, and are not tolerated.
14. Do NOT bring clones on a channel. Cloning is when another person enters the channel when they are already present having two (or more) copies of themselves on the one channel. (Attention Ops: Caution must be taken when dealing with clones as they may be ghosts.)
15. Do NOT impersonate another person. On IRC, impersonating another person can be as simple as changing your nick to a rank that you do not hold, changing your nick to another persons known nick or completely changing all IRC information (ident, hostmask, etc.) as well as nick and pretending to be someone they are not.
16. Do NOT over use colors or stylized text. Colors on an IRC channel are considered bad etiquette; however sometimes they are allowed. Constant usage of colors or stylized text is not tolerated.

G. Sanctions
The sanction for the first violation of a rule during a chat session (approximately the time the person is on IRC during a single day) will be a private warning by an appropriate Operator.

Any additional violations may be sanctioned by the following list of increasingly severe chat restrictions: kick from channel in which the violation occurred, ban from the channel in which the violation occurred until the violation is remedied or fifteen minute ban from the channel in which the violation occurred, approximately one day ban from the channel in which the violation occurred, indefinite ban from channel subject to review by faction leadership, indefinite ban from all faction channels subject to review by faction leadership.

H. Additional Help
For more help with IRC or clarification of this policy you can reference the Falleen Federation Academy lesson on IRC use, post a question in the forums, or ask a more experienced member.