fgc-logoFalleen Engineering Contracts works towards outfitting both the Federations needs, and those of her citizens and allies. Prices below are for DC rentals. Completed item orders are restricted to Federation members. Our sister faction, Falleen Naval Constructs has access to our DCs as well and serves as the front for public sales of FF goods through various channels.



  • *FEC does not sell unlimited DC rentals
  • **FF members and members of our Protectorates receive a 50% discount
  • ***Groups with active NAPs with the Federation receive a 25% discount

Centrepoint Market Listings: http://market.centrepointstation.com/browse.php?user=f43

Trade Federation Market Listings: http://dot.swc-tf.com/shops/shops.php?shop=50&mode=listings

25k per DC

100k per DC

200k per DC

250k per DC

Restricted (contact a member of the Ministry of State to discuss)